Food For Thought

When you're in the middle of moving, a good meal is one of the last things you're thinking about. There is so much to be done, from packing boxes to emptying cabinets, and to make things worse: the kitchen is usually the first thing you pack up. If you want to save yourself the hassle of a moving headache, your first step should be to give We Haul a call! We'll take care of your every need from the first dish going into the moving box to the last piece of silverware entering your new home.

If you plan on packing up the boxes yourself, we can still help at no cost with a little advice from the movers that do this stuff for a living.


Plan Ahead

This is advice that rings true in any part of a move, but is especially important when it comes to staying on top of your meals during packing. Plan out your meals and stick to your schedule: taking ten minutes out of your schedule to eat will save your body from hours of discomfort later when trying to rush a move.


Be Sensible, Be Creative

A big move is the perfect time to pare down your pantry and get creative in the process. Take a cue from your favorite cooking show, see what you can whip up out of ingredients that would just get thrown out anyway. No haste, no waste!


Snacks At The Ready

Whether you're packing or stacking boxes or even loading your own truck, your body is burning energy constantly. You need to make sure you're fueling your body as you go. Trail mix, grain bars and protein bars are great sources of energy that don't get in your way during the move; not to mention they're shelf-stable, and you can keep them out in the open while you're working.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

A highly active human body requires nearly 1 gallon of water a day. Do not go without drinking plenty of water during your move. This is when your body needs water the most. Keep a gallon out in the open and drink as you go, and your body will thank you later.


...Or Save Yourself The Hassle

Give We Haul a call. Our trained and certified moving professionals will pack up your belongings with efficiency and care and you won't even have to worry about proper nutrition. Hit up your favorite Sandpoint restaurant and relax, knowing your big move is being taken care of by the pros.